Castle Foam Play Set - 11 Piece - White, Purple & Grey - 4 weeks delivery


Say hello to our new product. 

The Castle Foam Play Set consists of 11 differently coloured foam blocks.

Would be an exciting addition to the playroom or bedroom. It can also be used outside but we do not recommend using in the rain as it is not fully waterproof. Please also store indoors. 

The foam blocks are safe and soft for those precious little legs. The blocks are perfect for excercising or creating obstacle courses. Hours of fun to be had with your littles ones. 

The blocks are filled with T-21 Upholstery Foam with a hygiene certificate. The foam has high resistance to indentation and is strong and durable. The blocks have abrasion resistant upholstery fabric which is easy to clean and can be wiped with a damp cloth. 

Size : 90cm x 120cm x 30cm size when compacted

Please allow 2 weeks delivery as made especially from you and made in Europe.