Fabric Playmat - Dark Grey - January 2021 delivery


From the amazing Meow Baby.

The fabric playmat for the children's room will be perfect for children who are beginning to prepare to learn how to walk, so it's for the smallest who are able to maintain a sitting posture, without difficulty turning from side to side, crawling or lying on the stomach, but not only... older children will also find use for it.

The mat, will work as a rug, can be laid under a teepee tent or a canopy, and also be an integral part of a pool with balls. A soft mat placed under a dry pool, not only will look great, but also will absorb the possible fall of the toddler and isolate him from the cold floor. 


- the outer fabric of the mat is made of 77% cotton and 23% polyester, and filled with polyurethane foam,

- it have an Eko Tex Standard 100 quality certificate,

- isolates from the ground,

- easy to keep clean,

- soft,

- secure

Do not tumble dry.