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IXXI is the innovative Dutch company for modern wall decoration, founded in 2010. Out of square cards and connectors, IXXI creates wall decorations, which are completely flexible in design and image size. Totally genius and unique Art Work!

The most famous adventurer from Disney, Peter Pan, sang these wise words: “I’ll never grow up, never grow up!”. This playful print has been created by Studio Boot and was inspired by the popular animation film. Never grow up & IXXI your world!

Wall Art Material and Installation

The subject is printed on Synaps—a high-grade synthetic 300 gsm paper with a mat appearance, characterised by waterproof, tear-resistant and UV-resistant properties. The cards are connected to each other with the provided crosses. They are then fixed to the wall thanks to the included hanging strips and adhesive Tesa Powerstrips - no tools or annoying drilling necessary. The cards can be easily replaced or more can be added.

Card size
20 x 20 cm

Synaps, synthetic paper
(moisture, crease and UV resistant)


Choice of size 60 x 80cm