Square Playmat - Light Grey - 3 weeks delivery


The fabulous playmat from Meow Baby are designed to provide comfort and safety while playing. It's no secret that the youngest have enormous amounts of energy, love to make flips, jump and play on the floor. 

The foam mat, will work in the role of a rug, can be laid under a teepee tent, a swing or canopy, and also be an integral part of a pool with balls. Soft mat for children and babies will not only look great, but also will absorb the possible fall of the toddler and isolate him from the cold floor. Here, your child can tumble around, unfold and let the imagination run wild, all whilst developing their motor skills.

Each Meow mat consists of several elements connected to each other. Thanks to the folding function of the mattress, depending on its shape, we can arrange it in the corner of the room or support it against the wall. As a result, we can get a seat with a backrest, a couch or a comfortable armchair. The folded mat won't take much space, so storing it is not a challenge even for those who don't have much space.

Meow play mat  comes in many color options and in several different shapes that evoke the imagination of children.  Flower, heart, star and butterfly are just some of our suggestions.

Hygiene maintenance is crucial when creating articles for the youngest, which is why we have made sure that the outer cover of the mattress are removable, which allows it to be washed.



  • Butterfly: 188 x 152 / after folding 188 x 76 x 10


- the outer fabric of the mat is made of 77% cotton and 23% polyester, and filled with polyurethane foam,

- it have an Eko Tex Standard 100 quality certificate

Do not tumble dry.